walnut laminate flooringWalnut laminate flooring is a great choice for those who like doing their home improvements themselves. The way that it’s designed allows almost anyone to handle the installation. The most complex tool you’ll need to do this is a saw. Walnut laminate flooring is very beautiful and, though it’s not solid hardwood, it has the same look as walnut, without the very high price of that very popular wood. Installing this can literally take less than an afternoon.

How Is Walnut Laminate Made?

Laminate flooring is made so that each plank has a tongue on one side and a groove on the other. Laminate flooring is convenient as it requires no glue or nails to install, as the glue is applied at the factory. This is called a floating floor. Underneath the laminate you need to use an underlay. This provides a barrier to moisture and has other advantages. For example, on an upper floor room, you can install laminate hardwood flooring with a foam underlay that absorbs noise. This underlay also prevents the floor from drifting on the subfloor.

Walnut laminate is but one option among many. There is also oak laminate flooring and maple laminate flooring available, as well as a host of other woods. What these woods have in common is that they’re much more affordable than solid wood floors made out of this material.


Laminate wood flooring is an excellent alternative for other reasons, as well. If the wood should be come damaged, it’s much easier to replace. It is also very easy to maintain and, because it doesn’t require you to handle sanding or other finishing work, you can literally install laminate flooring and, as soon as you’re done, start moving your furniture back into the room.

Providing an Elegant Look

You get the same elegant feel with walnut laminate as you would with solid walnut, at a lower price. Just like oak laminate flooring products, laminate flooring is available that mimics the look of specific types of walnut, so whether you have your heart set on American Walnut, Black Walnut, or Brazilian Walnut, it’s easily procured. All of the finishing is done by flooring manufacturers at the factory with this product, but you still need to let it acclimate to the room that you’re putting it in. Make sure to let the flooring materials sit in the room for at least 72 hours before installation.

Some walnut laminate products will have underlay included on the planks and other types will require that you lay it down separately. You’ll have to do some trimming to make the floor fit just right, but laminate floors of any thickness are very easy to work with – common thicknesses for walnut flooring are between 8mm and 12mm. You do need to have a flat floor to install it on. Because laminate flooring is joined by tongue and groove joints and not nailed down, it is not as suitable for uneven floors as is solid hardwood. It is, however, much more capable of handling damp conditions, and using walnut laminate flooring offers new possibilities for the look of your home at large.

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