CostThe cost of hardwood flooring has never prevented people from falling in love with it. Where flooring is concerned, it offers so many advantages over other options that a lot of the new flooring technology that’s come onto the market has actually been designed to make hardwood floor easier to lay and maintain. A square foot of hardwood floor will last much longer than a square foot of carpet and after the hardwood floor installation, will generally require far less maintenance than most other flooring types. If you’re concerned about the cost of hardwood flooring installation or hardwood floor refinishing, laying these floors is not particularly difficult and, you have the option of purchasing laminate products in addition to wood.

The cost of hardwood floors aside, wood flooring does have some complexities. When you purchase the planks that you’ll be using for your hardwood floors, you’ll generally want to let them sit in the home for a while so that the wood expands or contracts to accommodate the ambient moisture and the temperature. This makes it a lot easier to lay the floor and ensures that your measurements aren’t wrong because of having to deal with the wood expanding or contracting. Whenever you do lay down wood floors, you have to leave a gap to accommodate some expansion. This is usually left along one side of the floor on the place closest to the molding.

The Cost of Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a bit more convenient than hardwood flooring and is a popular alternative for those who are not able to afford the hardwood flooring price tag. Where home-improvement projects are concerned, it’s generally a much easier one to tackle. Laminate flooring is made to essentially click into place. This makes it very easy to lay the floor and, because of the design, you’re assured that the fit will be right between each plank on the floor and that you won’t end up with unsightly gaps.

Hardwood Flooring CostThere are several different types of engineered hardwood that can be used in a similarly convenient fashion, as well. If hardwood floor installation is a little bit beyond your abilities or the cost of hardwood flooring beyond the budgeted price for your home improvement project, you may want to consider going with a laminate.

Reducing the Cost by Installing It Yourself

If you’re determined to reduce the price of hardwood flooring by installing it yourself, make sure that you have either learned how to do the cutting, gluing and nailing, or that you have a friend around who has the skills who you can give you a hand. While hardwood floor installation will go very quickly once you get the rhythm of it down, you do have to plan ahead and make sure that you’re doing everything right. This means making sure that the subfloor doesn’t have any moisture and that you’ve given adequate space to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of the wood.

Laminate does have some advantages over hardwood flooring that you may want to consider, aside from it being less expensive. It’s easier to maintain laminate flooring, as the artificial materials are very resistant to spills and other damage. Laminate flooring can be a bit easier to take up in the event that you need to replace one of the pieces, as well, and this makes it popular with many homeowners. And as previously mentioned, the price of hardwood floors is usually quite a bit higher per square foot than it is for laminate flooring.

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