SwiftLock Laminate FlooringSwiftLock laminate flooring is sold at the Lowe’s chain of home improvement stores. The product comes in a range of styles and there is enough variety to ensure that flooring for just about any room in your home can be purchased from among the company’s options. Lowe’s may or may not offer additional warranties with this flooring, but many of their products come with a 25-year warranty. Reviews of this product reveal that SwiftLock laminate flooring has its advantages and disadvantages.


SwiftLock laminate generally gets good reviews for having good thickness, being durable and for coming in a range of styles. Armstrong, a popular manufacturer of laminate floors, backs up its product well and options such as SwiftLock Plus offers consumers a bit more choice. There are designs that come in natural oak patterns, chocolate-colored wood grain patterns, cherry, tile patterns, and much more. These flooring products mimic the look of hardwood very well. The care, of course, is much easier. Hardwood flooring oftentimes requires that harsh chemicals be used to clean up spills. With Armstrong Swiftlock, all you need is a rag, in most cases, and the finish on these products is very durable.

SwiftLock Flooring


Lowes maintains how to information about installing Armstrong Hardwood floors, including SwiftLock. Armstrong laminate flooring is advertised heavily based on the convenience of installing the product. However, online reviews, and reviews from other sources, oftentimes detail that the process is a little bit more complicated than some homeowners may believe. While installing laminate is, indeed, relatively easy, you will need some tools and to be comfortable with doing basic handyman work to be able to install this flooring successfully. It may require preparation, depending upon your subfloor and the type of flooring you’re installing.

SwiftLock laminate floors are among the brands that can be installed in a floating floor configuration. This means that there are no nails or glue involved for the majority of the floor. However, a laminate floor does need to be glued down in some spots. You’ll also need appropriate tools to make sure that you’re keeping a straight line when you’re installing the product and to make sure that you’re providing adequate gaps at the edge of the floor. Just as is the case with hardwood, laminate needs room to expand and contract as the temperature and humidity levels in your home change. There are products available that can help you keep the correct distance between the walls and other obstacles.

Installing Armstrong laminate flooring should be within the skill levels of most people who enjoy working on their own homes. The product is durable and it comes with a good warranty. Hardwood flooring can be very expensive and, for many people, installing SwiftLock for a fraction of the price and with very similar results is well worth the effort and the money. Lowe’s generally has quite a few different types of this flooring in stock and, of course, you can also order styles that may not be in stock.

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