Strand Woven Bamboo FlooringStrand woven bamboo flooring is one of the more popular options for flooring currently on the market. This type of bamboo floor does have some significant advantages over a regular, natural bamboo floor. What differentiates the two is that the hardness is increased by a lamination process. While bamboo floors are very popular, and very eco-friendly, the process of hardening used in the strand woven process does take away one of their most significant and, for some people, troublesome characteristics.


Hardness is a huge area of concern where bamboo floors are being considered. While bamboo flooring is affordable and durable compared to other products, it cannot take the kind of abuse that hardwood flooring is famous for being able to endure. To make this a more suitable covering for more floors, strand woven bamboo is altered by using glue to bond various strips of bamboo together, after they’ve been boiled to eliminate the sugar from the plant. The sugar acts as an attractant to termites, which can create a significant problem, obviously.

Carbonized Bamboo

Among the most popular bamboo products is carbonized bamboo. This is bamboo that’s put through a boiling process that makes it a bit darker than natural bamboo flooring. Unfortunately, the boiling process also makes the wood even softer. The strand woven bamboo floor products on the market offer alternative that can still provide the rich color associated with carbonized bamboo with the very hard planks characteristic of other materials. Compared to hardwood floors, bamboo will likely not match them in hardness. However, with proper care and by using bamboo products such as strand woven products, you can get incredibly durable floors that will provide many years of service.

Strand Woven Bamboo

The Universal Benefits

Strand woven bamboo has the same advantages that natural bamboo flooring has. Principally, it’s incredibly easy to keep this flooring in good shape. Provided you keep people off of it when they’re wearing hard sold shoes or high heels, it should stand up to most of the abuse you visit upon it. When the planks become dirty, all that’s required to clean them, in the vast majority of cases, is a damp cloth and a little bit of elbow grease. There’s no need to use harsh cleansers on strand woven bamboo as is the case with hardwood floors.

You should be able to get a warranty with any bamboo flooring. Check to see how long the manufacturer will back up the product and what they protect against. You have to keep in mind from the start that your bamboo floor will not be appropriate for areas were people are entering the house or any other area where they are likely to be wearing boots with hard soles. In a living room, however, the slightly softer characteristic of even a strand woven bamboo floor can be very appealing. Strand woven bamboo flooring can sometimes be laid right over the top of your existing floor, so be sure to ask if this is an option for your home.

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