Parquet FlooringYou’ve probably already seen parquet flooring quite a lot. Parquet floors are used in all different types of homes, sporting arenas and more. It’s a form of hardwood flooring that allows you to get a very interesting look and it doesn’t cost a lot of money compared to other types of flooring. A parquet floor can last a very long time and, provided that you have a bit of skill, any damage can be easily removed and replace without affecting the overall look of the floor. A parquet pattern can be made out of all different types of materials, but parquetry is usually seen on wood floors.


Parquetry was originally a way that people without the money to afford more expensive flooring could get the best possible look out of their wood floors. By choosing grains that contrast with one another and by laying them in a pattern that catches the eye, wood flooring can become as beautiful as any stone floor, while still having the qualities that make wood much easier to deal with. Flooring manufacturers have come out with products that allow you to get the look of parquet without having to purchase expensive woods, however.

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular choices for parquet floors today. Because parquet wood flooring does require the level of maintenance that comes along with maintaining any other hardwood floor, many individuals opt to go with the laminate parquet flooring option, which affords them the same look without all the maintenance requirements of expensive wood such as oak. Hardwood can make a fine parquet floor, however, and many individuals still prefer to go with this traditional look. Because the designs of parquet flooring are so dependent upon the grain and texture of the wood, there are plenty of different ways that you can make your floor look very unique by simply choosing flooring with a unique grain and character.

Parquet Flooring from ArmstrongInstalling Parquet Flooring

Installing a wood floor, parquet or otherwise, is not particularly difficult, which is why it’s one of the most popular of all home improvement tasks. However, some of the how to information online fails to address adequately some of the complications that arise when laying the parquet. It can be complex to get all the different pieces of wood down into the right configuration to give the desired look. Additionally, cutting all the wood to length can be difficult if you aren’t particularly handy with a circular saw or other tools.

Some flooring manufacturers have premade tiles that you can use to quickly lay down the flooring. This allows you to create a parquet floor out of tiles that are designed to go together, eliminating some of the randomness characteristic of these floors when they’re created from scratch. No matter how you choose to do it, however, a parquet floor can add a lot of class and a lot of character to any house. Parquet floors are very easy to maintain and learning how to lay your own can be a fun home improvement project.

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