oak laminateOak laminate flooring is just one of the many wood flooring options available today. They can be very convincing, but they do need to be taken care of properly and they cannot be installed in some of the same situations where actual oak wood flooring can be installed. Laminate flooring, however, has other advantages. For instance, while oak flooring can never be put into an area with a lot of moisture, some types of oak laminate flooring can installed in these rooms, offering you a unique and elegant look.

Oak Laminate Flooring Can Emulate Any Type of Oak

Oak laminate can be purchased with designs that emulate just about every type of traditional oak flooring. White oak, red oak, and natural oak laminate floors, for instance, are all available. The difference is that you don’t have to do any of the finishing work, including sanding, staining and sealing, yourself. Each plank comes prefinished, typically 7mm or 8mm in thickness. All you have to do is lay down the floor and join it at the tongues and grooves. A laminate floor does not need to be nailed or glued down to the floor, nor does it require the same accommodations for swelling and shrinking as does oak flooring. While opinions vary, many people find that high-quality oak laminate floors have the convincing look of solid oak.

Compared to oak hardwood flooring, in fact, oak laminate products can be much easier to install. Because of the expense of oak, cutting it incorrectly can cause you to go through a lot of money very quickly. Laminate wood flooring is much cheaper, so it’s not nearly as expensive a proposition to get extra materials to make up for those that have been ruined by the occasional improper cut. This type of flooring can be enhanced with end pieces and molding that makes it very similar in appearance to oak hardwood flooring. You may also want to consider cherry or maple laminate product if oak is not your taste.

Armstrong oak laminate floor

Requires an Even Subfloor

There are some places that it won’t work as well as solid oak flooring. Solid oak wood flooring can sometimes be installed on uneven subfloors. Because it can be glued or nailed down tightly to the floor, there won’t be a hollow spot underneath it. A laminate floor are built up as one piece connected the next. The end result is a floating floor, which means that it will literally float above depressions in the subfloor. This is not an acceptable way for these floors to be installed and you won’t get the results you want in this situation. Oak laminate, however, can easily be installed if the subfloor is leveled out.

Oak wood flooring can be very expensive. Laminate floors are popular for their durability and their looks, but the fact that they cost a fraction of the price of oak hardwood flooring makes them more attractive still. Laminate floors carry long-term warranties, are very resistant to scratching and denting and can take a lot of abuse. Most homeowners will have no trouble installing oak laminate floors. This makes it even more cost-effective, and if the homeowner has the desire and some basic do-it-yourself skills, there’s almost never a need to hire a professional contractor to do the job. Once oak laminate flooring is installed, it is very easy to maintain.

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