Morning StarMorning Star bamboo flooring is among the most popular options on the market. Their products include carbonized bamboo flooring, natural bamboo flooring and much more. The company advertises the eco-friendly nature of bamboo heavily and takes further measures beyond what most other companies do to make themselves even more eco-friendly. Their products are widely available, including being sold at Lumber Liquidators.

What Makes Morning Star Flooring One of the Best

Morning Star bamboo floors – or any bamboo floors – are a lot different than hardwood flooring in many regards. While they can both be of equal beauty, hardwood floors come in as many varieties as there are species of suitable trees, and then some. Bamboo is a grass and there’s only one type available. However, Morning Star offers a lot of variety in its designs and varying degrees of hardness, on top of that. This means that their choices are very broad, even though they’re only using one material to create their laminate flooring. Some of the options that this manufacturer offers are nearly as hard as hardwood floors.

Strand Bamboo

Strand bamboo flooring is made through a lamination process. This is also the most eco-friendly type of product from Morning Star. It uses the entire bamboo plant. Strips are boiled and then fused together under pressure with glue. This makes them roughly twice their natural hardness and increases the durability of the floor a great deal. It’s a viable option compared to laminate flooring and, as is the case with bamboo flooring in many instances, you may be able to lay it directly on top of your existing floor, vastly simplifying the installation procedure. Floors from Morning Star can look a lot of like hardwood floors, but they’re much easier to install and take care of than hardwood. Strand woven bamboo is roughly as hard as northern Red Oak.

Where eco-friendliness is concerned, Morning Star advertises its contribution proudly. Bamboo is a grass rather than a tree and it takes only 4 to 5 years to grow a stalk of bamboo as opposed to the nearly 100 years it takes to replace a tree. This makes these products popular with those who want laminate flooring but who also want the most eco-friendly form of flooring available.


Morning Star BambooMorning Star products such as their Prefinished Qing Dragon Strand Bamboo Flooring comes with a very generous 30-year warranty – one of the best in the industry – and is available online from home improvement retailers such as Lumber Liquidators with free shipping to the store. While bamboo flooring might be softer than hardwood flooring, in some cases, bamboo reeds are certainly durable building materials and Morning Star bamboo is certainly built to last, and is a great value for the price.

A Morning Star bamboo floor, despite its durability and quality, does have to be cared for with the same attentiveness that a hardwood floor requires. Make sure to keep people off of it if they’re wearing heels or hard-soled shoes. This flooring is very durable and the prefinished surface will hold up to a lot of abuse. No floor is invincible, however, so make sure you follow the instructions for maintenance that accompany your Morning Star bamboo flooring and never use harsh abrasives to clean these floors.

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