Mohawk engineered wood flooringMohawk engineered wood flooring offers several advantages over traditional hardwood floors. Engineered floors from Mohawk Industries are made out of planks that are constructed of several different layers of wood. The plies in engineered hardwood flooring are bonded together and the veneer surface gives them the look of solid wood floors. This allows the homeowner the flexibility of prefinished flooring without some of the requirements of installing hardwood flooring, such as the need to place a subfloor on top of a concrete slab. Mohawk engineered hardwood can also be installed directly on top of radiant heating systems, which makes it even more flexible.

Installing Mohawk Engineered Wood Flooring

Mohawk engineered wood floors can be installed directly on top of a concrete slab. You will, however, have to make sure that the slab is adequate prepared prior to the Mohawk flooring installation. First and foremost, there must be no standing moisture or moisture leaks in the concrete. Moisture coming from below the flooring will cause damage. As long as the concrete has integrity, you can go ahead and install. Engineered wood is more durable in certain environments than natural wood and for that reason, there are not the same demanding requirements for performing installations on surfaces that would ruin traditional wood flooring. This also makes it a great alternative to carpet and tile in such environments.

Mohawk engineered flooring: African ebony

Mohawk’s engineered products are more damage resistant than natural wood flooring. Because the wood it’s made of is laminated together with the grains crossing, it gains strength. It won’t dent, scrape or scuff as easily as will a hardwood floor and moisture won’t cause it to expand and contract to the same degree as do solid hardwood floors. Mohawk engineered flooring comes ready to install, and because prefinished flooring allows you to skip the work associated with sanding, staining and sealing, it is very fast to install, though the process is more complex than installing laminate flooring.


An engineered hardwood floor does require maintenance, of course. Never use a wet mop on Mohawk engineered hardwood floors. Where engineered floors are concerned, the most complex cleaning devices you’ll need are generally nothing more than a damp cloth and a broom. The company does, however, make specialized cleaning products that are designed to work with engineered wood. Use these to clean up more substantial messes. If your engineered hardwood floors do take some damage, it’s not terribly difficult to fix them, in most cases, and Mohawk flooring comes with a great warranty.

Holes in Mohawk engineered flooring can be filled with putty. Whether you are trying to match the color of red oak, maple, or some other wood species, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding using these products and, most especially, regarding how you blend them in with the rest of the floor. Engineered floors that become extremely damaged can be replaced much as can any other wood flooring. The old plank is removed and a new one put in its place. Because engineered wood floors come prefinished, you don’t have to worry about matching the stain on the new plank to the color of those around it, which is usually one of the most challenging parts of making these repairs on solid hardwood floors. These factors make Mohawk engineered wood flooring a very popular choice.

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