Mirage flooringMirage Flooring offers a host of flooring products, from the most modern to the most traditional choices. Their hardwood flooring choices include numerous wood species, from softer woods such as birch and American Walnut, through red oak and maple in the mid-range, all the way to Brazilian cherry and Santos mahogany, species offering some of the highest durability. The wood flooring products manufactured by their parent company, Boa-Franc, can provide many years of service, as can their other options in materials, including engineered flooring and laminate flooring. Each floor type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some types of hardwood floors are also much easier to install than others.

Prefinished Mirage Flooring

Mirage has several different types of prefinished flooring available. These options include mirage engineered floors. These floors are designed to combine the beauty of traditional, solid wood floors with the conveniences only possible with modern materials. Mirage engineered floors can be laid directly on a concrete slab or on most any surface. They’re a bit more durable than Mirage hardwood floors made out of solid wood, due the modern materials used in their design and to the way that they’re constructed. Engineered Mirage floors are made of plies of material that are bonded together using various adhesives. This makes them very strong.


Solid Flooring

Mirage also includes solid hardwood flooring options. These include options such as maple floors, oak floors and numerous other woods. The advantage with this type of flooring is in its flexibility and durability. Though it needs a subfloor to support it, Mirage hardwood flooring is more tolerant of rises and dips in the subfloor surface than are other types of flooring. Prefinished flooring is available among solid wood floors, though some may prefer to install the wood unfinished and to match the stain exactly to the existing room’s color scheme.


Installation is one of the main differences among the different types of Mirage flooring. Mirage engineered floors, for instance, are a bit easier to install than are solid wood floors. Solid wood floors tend to expand and contract quite a bit with the humidity and the temperature. To accommodate this, their hardwood flooring is usually laid with a gap between the planks and one of the walls. This allows the wood to swell without it pushing against the other planks and, thus, for the floor to remain level and undamaged. Solid wood floors are also very easy to refinish, and doing so can vastly increase their lifespan.

The floors can be purchased in different grades. In your most prominent rooms, buy Mirage hardwood flooring of the exclusive grade. This ensures the most consistency between one plank and the next and the fewest flaws in the wood overall. The select grade is also excellent. Prefinished Mirage flooring allows you to skip the step of staining and sealing your floor and, for solid wood floors, that process has a lot to do with their longevity. Mirage engineered floors are less expensive, and offer excellent resistance to common forms of damage. Mirage producs come with a guarantee of quality and performance.

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