maple hardwood flooringThe addition of maple hardwood flooring to your home can provide a beautiful finished look, with the natural warmth and beauty that maple provides. It is a durable option, easy to care for, and comes in many styles and finishes. Maple can range from light and bright to dark and dramatic.

Maple hardwood flooring is also a very versatile option due to the wide range of wood grains and stain options available. Various species of Maple trees provide unique grain patterns that paired with the stain color of your choosing can provide just the hardwood flooring look you envision for your home.

Maple Hardwood Flooring Species

Maple flooring can be milled from many different maple species, including sugar maple, black maple, field maple, curly maple, rock maple, and bird’s eye maple. Hard maple floors usually come from sugar maple or black maple.

This wide variety of maple species yields flooring with a number of grain patterns and textures that can provide you with an option suitable to almost any décor. When milled, most maple hardwood is pale, sometimes with a reddish brown tint. Maple flooring with light stain and finish can provide a durable floor with a bright appearance.

Bellawood Prefinished Maple Flooring from Lumber LiquidatorsA darker stain and finish can provide more dramatic richer looking hardwood flooring. The large number of Maple species and types of grain patterns can provide the perfect hardwood floor look for any décor.

Unfinished vs. Prefinished

The first step when choosing maple wood flooring is deciding on the type of flooring you want to install, unfinished or pre-finished. Unfinished hardwood flooring is laid down as raw milled planks and then the entire floor is sanded to an even thickness, stained, and finished after installation. Pre-finished hardwood flooring comes from the factory with each plank already sanded, stained, and finished with a polyurethane coating.

One advantage of unfinished maple hardwood floors is that you can have the floor custom finished to your liking. You can choose the stain and test several colors and finishes to find exactly what you are looking for. Another advantage to installing unfinished maple wood floors is it may provide a smoother, more even floor than you may get with pre-finished hardwood flooring. The disadvantages are the skills and time it takes to finish a hardwood floor, the price of installation, and the mess it can create to sand and finish floors on-site.

Maple Hardwood from Home DepotPrefinished maple hardwood has some advantages of its own. Factory prefinished flooring is stained, finished, and heat treated by machines under the same conditions and may provide a more even looking color and finish than what a person can achieve by hand. Disadvantages include a slight unevenness that comes from installing the bevel edged machine finished planks, and the fact that you cannot customize the look for your house as much.

Wood flooring can provide a clean, bright look to any room. Due to the variety of finish options available, maple floors can provide the perfect look for any room. Like oak and hickory, it is a popular species, whether you choose unfinished flooring products and completely customize them to your home, or choose a factory finished maple floor. Whether the look you are going for is clean and bright, or dramatic and dark, maple hardwood flooring can be the perfect choice for your home.

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