Mannington hardwood flooringThe addition of Mannington hardwood flooring to any room can provide an elegant, beautiful finish. Hardwood flooring is easy to care for, durable and comes in a variety of finishes, colors and patterns. Mannington has one of the best product lines of quality floor coverings and provides a variety of quality engineered hardwood products in many finishes and styles.

Advantages of Mannington Hardwood Flooring

One of the advantages of Mannington wood floors is the quality construction and flexibility of engineered hardwood products. Mannington hardwood floors are constructed with several cross-grained layers of hardwood providing more installation options and superior strength and versatility. Engineered flooring is more economical than solid hardwood flooring because they use only half as many trees and create less waste.

In addition to providing quality durability and appearance, engineered hardwood floors are also environmentally superior. Mannington uses faster-growing, renewable wood for the middle layers. Yet the top face veneers provide a beautiful wood floor finish. Engineered hardwood floors provide more installation options that include below grade or direct to concrete installation. This allows wood floor products to be used in areas without subfloors or in basements, areas where you may have considered laminate flooring, tile, or carpet. In addition to the installation options, engineered hardwood floors are also more flexible and more structurally sound. The multi-layered construction makes engineered wood flooring resistant to buckling, warping, and the expansion and contraction that can be caused by weather and humidity changes. The multi-layer construction also allows for a more uniform appearance.

Mannington hardwood

Colors and Finishes

Mannington hardwood flooring comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Domestic wood finishes include oak, maple, and hickory in light, medium, and dark colors. More exotic imported hardwood flooring includes Brazilian Cherry and Scottish Amberwood that provide a more dramatic look. There are hundreds of patterns to choose from that include subtle or visually distinctive grain patterns. In addition to the wide variety of color and wood pattern choices, the flooring comes in narrow, wide or random plank widths providing a large number of variations for the look of your hardwood floors.

Mannington Earthly Elements

Mannington Earthly Elements

One of the newer additions to the Mannington product line is called Earthly Elements. This revolutionary flooring line includes both square and rectangular planks in three different sizes for custom flooring designs. The Earthly Elements line, with eight colors of hickory and oak styles, and varying hickory and oak plank sizes, provides the opportunity for a unique design. The creative use of pattern and color can provide a custom designed floor to match any room décor and lets you reflect your personal style. Another popular line is the Inverness series, which provides a hand-crafted look in hickory, walnut, and maple.

Mannington flooring is easy to care for and resistant to stains and damage. Periodically sweeping or vacuuming and using care when moving furniture should allow the finish on your hardwood floor to remain bright and beautiful for years. Promptly wiping up spills and sweeping up dirt or grit will avoid any permanent marring of the wood flooring. No waxing or oiling is ever necessary and minor blemishes can be touched up with mineral spirits or a Mannington wood floors touch-up kit.

Hardwood floors can provide a beautiful bright finish to any room. Mannington hardwood flooring has the advantage of being durable, flexible, and available in a wide variety of colors and designs to compliment any decorating plan. Mannington hardwood floors are very competitive with products from other manufacturers such as Mohawk and Shaw. The flooring finish options provided by Mannington range from light and airy, to dark and dramatic, to a custom design option that can provide a truly unique look.

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