laminate tile flooringThere many good reasons you may be looking at laminate tile flooring. Do you love the look of hardwood flooring, but can’t afford to replace your existing floors with solid wood floors? Or perhaps you don’t want the hassle of keeping a hardwood floor clean and polished. Either way, laminate tiles might be just the answer you are looking for.

Laminate Tile Flooring Benefits

Laminate tile flooring has come a long way over the last few years. The latest products look more realistic than ever, and are available in a wide range of finishes, whether you are looking to emulate hardwood floors, stone, or ceramic tile flooring.

It is also very easy to keep laminate flooring clean, and a once-over with a damp mop should keep it in great condition. That is a far cry from the cleaning and polishing that goes into keeping older hardwood floors clean and looking great.

Another big benefit of laminate floors is that they can be installed over just about any surface. As long as the subfloor is stable and level, laminate tile floors can be installed over concrete floors, over certain types of existing tile floors, and even over old, damaged hardwood floors.

Mannington Portofino Pebble Bed flooring
Mannington Portofino Pebble Bed flooring

In fact, laminate flooring is so easy to install, with a little time and effort most people can actually install it themselves. Since there are minimal tools required to fit the tiles, it is a perfect job for the weekend DIY enthusiast.

Armstrong Weathered Way - Roman Gray laminate

Armstrong Weathered Way - Roman Gray laminate tile

Of course, if you have allergy sufferers in your house, laminate tile is the perfect solution, as it is pre-treated and easy to clean. Unlike carpet, it will not promote mold growth, traps very little dust, and is easy to keep free of dust, hair, and pet dander, all common household allergens.


One of the main considerations when choosing new flooring for your home or office is whether it will look good. Since new laminate tile floors come in a range of wood finishes, as well as more modern options like bamboo, there is an option to suit just about any taste and style of décor. The most common thickness for laminate flooring is 8mm. The addition of a few throw rugs will warm up the finish, and since you can replace them when you decide to change the look of your room, it is a very versatile option.

Some modern laminate tile floors may also include insulation on the back, which may help you to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling bills.

If you have considered laminate tile floors in the past, but decided against them because you did not like the look, perhaps it’s time you revisited them. Advances in technology and aesthetics means that the latest options are a far cry from their predecessors. Many online retailers offer them at a great price with low or free shipping costs.

You might just find that the new laminate tile flooring options are precisely the thing to solve your functional, practical, and aesthetic requirements when it comes time to decide what kind of flooring to buy.

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