laminate kitchen flooringLaminate kitchen flooring may be a good choice to achieve the look of wood without breaking the bank. Laminate floors are designed to look like wood, and are made out of materials that can stand up to the occasional splash of water. Good laminate brands are surprisingly tough, and, provided they’re maintained properly and kept clean, they can provide a durable surface that can add a unique touch to any kitchen.


A laminate floor is not made entirely out of wood. Laminate flooring is made out of synthetic materials and plies of wood but, in some designs, the flooring looks very much like popular hardwood flooring species, such as oak. Laminate wood flooring is one of the easiest types of kitchen flooring to install. It takes an underlay that is made out of foam and plastic, which prevents moisture from damaging the floor from the ground up. It also provides some padding, making it more comfortable to walk on the floor. Kitchen laminate flooring, while durable, should be kept free of water as much as possible, as should any other type of flooring product.

Shaw laminate flooring

There are some laminate kitchen floor options available with finishes that are designed to resist water and moisture more than usual. Any standing water, however, can damage kitchen laminate floors. While the flooring may be able to resist the water, not taking care of flooring of any type will eventually result in damage. Be sure to be careful moving appliances around as well, as scratches from such heavy objects can cause serious damage to a laminate floor.

Laminate Kitchen Floor Manufacturers

Laminate kitchen flooring is made by several manufacturers that strive to make installing laminate flooring as simple as possible.  Shaw laminate floors come with the LocNPlace® system. This allows the individual planks to be snapped into place very easily. Mohawk laminate uses the Uniclic® system, based on a similar idea. With either system, you can learn how to install laminate flooring very quickly. These systems lock together very tightly and plank separation should not be an issue with higher quality brands. Your kitchen floor, of course, will get just about every type of food dropped on it at some point, but again, a floors from better brands are resistant to being damaged by this.

Laminate can usually be cleaned up with no more effort than it takes to wet a rag and to wipe up the stain. That makes this a great option. A laminate hardwood floor gives the illusion of an expensive wood floor, but can hold up to the punishment that kitchen flooring endures. The fact that there are so many different wood patterns available with this type of flooring makes it ideal for giving your kitchen a very warm, homey look. It certainly expands your options beyond white tiles, though there are also black and white tile laminate kitchen flooring products available, if a retro checkerboard look is what you’re after.

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