Laminate Flooring CleanersUnlike the cleaners used to clean hardwood floors, laminate flooring cleaners are generally very mild and include no harsh abrasives. In fact, using an abrasive is likely to damage your laminate floors and ruin your investment. You’ll be able to make your own laminate floor cleaner, in most cases, which will provide the floor with a nice shine and which should remove any spills or stains. Where using a laminate flooring cleaner is concerned, the adage about less being more oftentimes applies.

Should Be Free of Abrasives

Any good laminate floor cleaner on the market should be free of harsh abrasives. Abrasives will ruin these floors and the finish on them prevents anything from staining the wood beneath, anyway. Make sure that you don’t use a floor cleaner that contains scrubbing agents. One of the things you’ll also want to avoid is using an upright vacuum cleaner on laminate wood floors. Using one of the brush attachments to remove dirt is fine, but the actual beater brush on the upper attachment may scar the floor. Depending upon what type of flooring you have, the harder wheels on the vacuum cleaner may also damage it.

You may be wondering what cleaners to use on a tile laminate floor installed in the kitchen. Even though these floors tend to take some serious abuse, you don’t need to use anything other than a slightly damp mop to clean them the most of the time. If you do manage to spell something on your floor, you can usually get it cleaned up with a damp cloth. Wipe the area vigorously before depending on specialized laminate cleaners to take up the stain.

The Best Cleaners

Laminate Flooring CleanersThere are some good products out there for cleaning laminate floors. Bona makes a product that’s designed for use on these floors. Armstrong also makes a good laminate floor cleaning solution. You can also learn how to make your own solution. Simply mix a little bit of white vinegar with water. The usual formula for do-it-yourself laminate floor cleaning solution is about a quarter cup of vinegar to roughly 30 ounces of water. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it directly on any stains on your floor. It’s cheap to refill and does a great job, nearly as good as many of the commercial floor cleaners. Some people also use ammonia highly diluted with warm water as a homemade laminate floor cleaner (never mix ammonia and bleach).

Floor cleaning is generally an easy task were laminate floors are concerned. Remember that laminate wood floors are designed to resist becoming stained, so you don’t have to worry about actually taking a layer of material off to get rid of the most stubborn stains as you might with hardwood flooring. The products used to clean hardwood floors should never be used on laminate. Use only the cleaning products that are designed specifically for this type of flooring or make your own. Most of the time, you just need warm water.

Make sure that any laminate floor cleaner you use doesn’t violate the terms of your warranty. Even though most laminate floors come with warranties, the manufacturers will not consider themselves responsible for damage that you caused by using cleaning solutions that are specifically not recommended for use on their products because they may damage them.

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