Laminate floor manufacturers - AllocA new generation of homeowners is seeking to modernize the look of their homes, and laminate floor manufacturers are producing some of the most popular flooring options in the housing market. Laminate floors are manufactured in wood, tile and stone styled designs, and come in either rectangular planks or square tiles. These floors are ideal for many active areas of the home and are extremely popular choice for do-it-yourself (DIY) flooring projects. Thanks to the latest offerings from these companies, laminate flooring has become one of the most preferred flooring selections for consumers today, mainly due to two factors: cost and durability.

Top Products from Laminate Floor Manufacturers

The top manufacturing companies provide flooring with the appearance of solid hardwood floors, bamboo flooring, or tiles, such as natural stone, but only for about two-thirds the cost. If properly cared for, a laminate floor can last for many years. Apart from this, there are tremendous benefits that consumers can obtain from laminate floor such as: high UV resistance, ease of installation compared to wood flooring, excellent warranty protection, ease of repair, ease of cleaning, low emissions, and endless design options. There are thousands of flooring lines in today’s market competing for the business of interested consumers. It is important to do the manufacturers research to ensure the deal received is the best possible. When shopping for this type of flooring, consumers are encouraged to compare prices between several companies to ensure they get the highest quality for the lowest price.

Alloc merbau laminate floor

Alloc merbau laminate floor

There are a number of potential savings which one can get by buying from a reputable manufacturers. The qualities that consumers can look for when selecting a manufacturer are, for example, whether the company provides an effective warranty (anywhere from 10 years to a lifetime warranty is considered acceptable for this type of flooring), if the price is competitive (choose a manufacturing company that is willing to not only match their competitor’s prices, but to beat them by at least five percent), and if the company has dependable reputation (if you have friends or family who have recently installed new flooring, ask for their opinions regarding which companies are reputable and which ones are not).

Popular Flooring Companies

Some of the popular laminate flooring makers include Pergo, Alloc, Armstrong and Witex. These companies have been shown to have a proven track record in providing consumers with the products they need at affordable prices.

Laminate Manufacturers

  • Pergo is the Swedish company that introduced laminate flooring over 20 years ago. Today, Pergo remains the market leader among manufacturers and sells its laminate flooring through 3,500 retailers and The Home Depot. The company boasts that it is the bestselling brand of laminate flooring in the world.
  • Alloc is the company that first brought a mechanized locking system to laminate floors. By using an aluminum scarf joint beneath the laminated flooring planks, their floors can be installed in one day with a perfect fit. Alloc touts its high customer service standards and commitment to quality.
  • Armstrong has been one of the foremost names in the flooring industry since 1856 and is one of the top flooring manufacturers. Armstrong laminate flooring comes in dozens of pattern of wood, stone and other textures and is available in strips, planks and squares. Its warranty is high among laminate floor manufacturers, ranging from 15 years to lifetime warranties for the premium products.
  • Witex is a family-owned German company that invented a way of making direct-pressure laminate flooring with a high-density core board, unique among flooring manufacturers.

Today, over 70% of the laminate flooring sold around by flooring suppliers around the world is made using the same technique. Most laminate floors utilize HDF (high density fiberboard), are around 8mm in thickness, and are manufactured in mainland China. There are other companies competing in the market too, and many of them have introduced recent innovations in their flooring products. The floor installation process is easier than ever now, and consumers can benefit from the good quality and services provided by these laminate floor manufacturers and have peace of mind in the floor installation.

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