Kahrs wood flooringAs one of the oldest and most popular wood flooring brands in the world today, Kahrs wood flooring brings a level of quality, variety and beauty that is unmatched in the wood flooring business. Perhaps the most notable characteristic of, obvious in every Kährs floor, is the unique character of every piece of wood that is inspired by nature. Every single piece of floor is made so that its natural form and design is highlighted and celebrated. That natural quality is found in every Kahrs engineered wood flooring collection, which ensures every floor will be naturally unique, with character and style all nature’s own.

History of Kahrs Wood Flooring

Kahrs has produced wood flooring for 150 years and is the world’s oldest wood floor manufacturer that is still operating. Wood flooring from Kahrs is distinguished by their respect for the wood’s inherent beauty and processing methods which highlight and enhance the wood’s natural form and quality. They boast unmatched craftsmanship and the highest quality, which has distinguished the company from every other wood flooring manufacturer. In fact, Kahrs wood floors are top rated by wood flooring installers. Do-it-yourselfers rejoice, however: Kahrs also features Woodloc, a patented joint system which makes installation easy and quick, so that professional installation is not required.

Kahrs FlooringKahrs is located in Nybro, Sweden, on the same site where the company began in 1857. The founder of Kährs, Johan Kähr, started a small turning shop in Nybro and began producing wooden articles for the local farmers, which turned into a full-time business and, eventually, a company. Kahrs then began a tradition of innovation that distinguished the company from all other companies of its kind. Kahrs invented a laminated non-warping door in 1941, which utilized laminated layers of wood. The process of using layers of wood was soon utilized in making wooden floors, with the invention of a floor constructed in three layers. Today, this is still the standard construction for the majority of wood flooring worldwide.

The production of the first Kahrs factory lacquered floor required a high degree of precision to ensure that the surface of the floor was smooth and consistent. In doing this, Kahrs was able to introduce accuracy in production unparalleled in wood processing, and the process of installing wooden flooring was accelerated—a process which is still used today. Kahrs wood flooring features a three layered flooring construction won’t split apart during cold conditions, nor cup in heat and humidity. Unlike hardwood floors that expand and contract, leaving gaps between boards which could harbor dirt, pests, and mold, Kahrs floors remain intact.

Environmentally Friendly

Kahrs flooring is also environmentally friendly. The finish of Kahrs wood flooring is naturally free from solvents, formaldehyde, and isocyanate, meaning there is no smell or toxic fumes. Kahrs hardwood flooring meets all European health standards and exceeds most US standards because it contains fewer chemical compounds and is virtually emission-free.

Check out the latest offerings in the Kahrs American Naturals and Kahrs World Naturals lines, which features popular species such as oak, American cherry, maple, and walnut as well as Brazilian cherry, jarrah, kosipo, and merbau. The combination of a long tradition of craftsmanship, respect for the natural beauty of the wood, and a passionate interest in design and new product technology has made the Kahrs line some of the most sought-after flooring today.

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