Although tiles and various stones are seen more traditionally in bathrooms, hardwood flooring can instead be a great alternative. If treated properly hardwood floors can last long periods of time and can even be updated and resealed, making them a very practical choice for hardwood flooring in the bathroom. When it comes to types of…


The cost of hardwood flooring has never prevented people from falling in love with it. Where flooring is concerned, it offers so many advantages over other options that a lot of the new flooring technology that’s come onto the market has actually been designed to make hardwood floor easier to lay and maintain.


BR111 hardwood floors include a host of different options that can provide excellent flooring choices for any home. The company’s offerings include traditional wood floors, which appeal to those who love the look of natural hardwood floors.


Mirage Flooring offers a host of flooring products, from the most modern to traditional. Mirage hardwood flooring includes numerous wood species, from softer woods to extremely hard and durable wood species.


Unfinished hardwood floors are an excellent addition to any home or room and can truly add a unique look to any home. Many people, including subcontractors and consumers, choose to use unfinished wood flooring as opposed to finished wood in their homes.


Despite constantly changing trends in home design and interior decorating, hand scraped wood floors have always been popular among those who prefer the opulent and personalized look of hand scraped woods.  This has been a popular choice of flooring type in both commercial and residential buildings recently, although the look has been around for centuries….