Although tiles and various stones are seen more traditionally in bathrooms, hardwood flooring can instead be a great alternative. If treated properly hardwood floors can last long periods of time and can even be updated and resealed, making them a very practical choice for hardwood flooring in the bathroom.

When it comes to types of hardwood there are many different types to choose from. Ranging from engineered hardwood flooring, dark hardwood flooring or even bamboo hardwood flooring choosing a style that best reflects your bathroom is important. How do we determine if hardwood floors are the right choice for your bathroom?  Well, it depends on how well you maintain it and how you treat the hardwood.


Hardwood Flooring in Bathroom

Hardwood flooring in the bathroom is a great alternative

Is hardwood flooring in the bathroom a bad idea?

Just like with any hardwood floor, it requires that you take good care of it over time.  Hardwood floors in a bathroom are exposed more frequently to moisture (the enemy of hardwood), so it is important that you get a proper ventilation system to remove excess moisture in the air. You should never let large puddles of water sit on the hardwood and instead wipe the areas clean just as you would other areas of your home. If you don’t intend to take care of the hardwood flooring in your bathroom then you are best suited to more resilient flooring such as tile.

Bamboo and Cork hardwood floors are a great alternative to traditional hardwood in the bathroom.

Naturally abundant in nature bamboo is a tough resilient wood that is naturally mold and moisture resistant. Bamboo hardwood is also harder and more durable than normal flooring. With cork hardwood floors, you’ll experience a softer and warmer feel against your bare feet.

Despite these disadvantages, there are advantages to installing hardwood floors in your bathroom. First, the floor can be installed at any time during the process of construction or remodeling. Second, you can choose any kind of wood stain or combination of stains you wish to apply to your floor, and you can even choose to forgo the stain and leave the natural wood as it is, for a rustic, clean look. As long as the wood is treated to be moisture resistant and maintained over time, you will have a timeless beautiful bathroom with hardwood floors.

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