hardwood floor cleaningChoosing a hardwood floor cleaning product requires some considerable care. Cleaning products have to be strong enough to remove stains and damage, but at the same time they need to be gentle enough that they don’t risk destroying the floor. Fortunately, you don’t even need a floor cleaner to keep your floor looking good most of the time. There will be occasions, however, where you want to get some stubborn stains out of your flooring and where you’ll need a good wood floor cleaning product that can handle the job. A hardwood floor cleaner will also get rid of dust and grime and restore the shine on your wood floor.

The Basics of Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products

You’ll want to make sure that you have a floor cleaner that is specifically made for a hardwood floor, to start. You may come across a cleaning product made for laminate floors and furniture that is not appropriate for hardwood floors. Floor cleaners are usually formulated so that they don’t leave the slippery sheen that floor polish does. Remember, you probably will walk across your hardwood floor in socks at some point, so be sure to choose an appropriate product!

You have the option of making your own hardwood floor cleaning solution or using a commercial product, such as Bona. Bona makes a range of products that include everything from abrasives to UV protectants. If you want to go all out and make sure you’re ready for any disaster, you may want to consider the Bona hardwood floor cleaner. Bona cleaning productBona Kemi also sells products that preserve your floor in addition to cleaning it, so you get two products for the price of one – a hardwood floor cleaning product and a protectant.

Hardwood floor care sometimes involves refinishing, but you should be able to get rid of most of the common types of stains without having to go that far. Between using a good wax, learning how to get stubborn spots up without damaging the wood and proper maintenance, you shouldn’t have to refinish your floor for many years.

How to Clean Your Hardwood Flooring

No matter which floor cleaning solution you’ve selected, you have to make sure you clean your floors right. You can use a broom and dustpan or a brush attachment on your vacuum to remove the dust and dirt from the floor before you mop. This ensures that you’re not just pushing dirt around the floor and, thus, ruing the effects of the products you bought. Some of the products come in a concentrate, so mix them correctly before you use them.

A microfiber mop is a great way to get a hardwood floor clean, and usually comes with a replaceable pad and refill packs. A standard floor mop uses a lot of water, which is bad for your floor. Microfiber also tends to pick up dust very well, which makes it easier to get the floor ready to be waxed. It’s usually best to remove everything from the room when you’re cleaning hardwood floors. If you have to slide items around the room, you’re likely to scuff up the floor and possibly create a bigger project. When you wax and finish the flooring, it’s also easier to get every spot in the room if it’s clear and has been cleaned with the proper hardwood floor cleaning products.

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