hand scraped wood floorsDespite constantly changing trends in home design and interior decorating, hand scraped wood floors have always been popular among those who prefer the opulent and personalized look of hand scraped woods.  This has been a popular choice of flooring type in both commercial and residential buildings recently, although the look has been around for centuries.

Hand Scraped Wood Floors Still Scraped On-Site

Even with the introduction of modern tools and innovative sanding techniques, hand scraped wood floors are often still scraped by hand at the site  where the hardwood floors are to be installed, to make sure that the planks will fit together evenly and remain level. The hand-scraped look, however, is now done not out of any functional necessity, but as an added design, which gives off a distinct and customized look – the entire floor has the character of something that has been finished by hand. There are also prefabricated hand scraped wood floors produced by certain manufacturers.  You can find the hand-scraped look in engineered hardwood flooring products, and many of these can be installed by the homeowner.

Using Machines to Create “Hand Scraped” Floors

Wood Floors
A natural looking Amish hand-scraped cherry hardwood floor from HomerWood

There are some companies that use machines to create a scraped look on their wood flooring, many people dislike this look. Because these machines are so precise, what they produce is a uniform and monotonous pattern on the wood pattern, which does not have the natural character inherent to authentic hand scraped floors. When a wood floor is hand scraped, an authentic look is created, that compliments and adds to the natural texture of the wood.  However, be sure to hire someone experienced at hand-scraping, as the final results can vary greatly depending on the skill of the flooring installer. If scraping is done without some measure of skill and creativity, and without regard to the natural pattern of the wood, you may end up with a disaster on your hands instead of the elegant, luxurious, and natural hand-scraped look you were going for.

Different manufacturers and installers use different methods to create hand scraped flooring, since some who are not too keen on details would often just rough up or dent the floor stock to provide a scraped look, obviously inferior in comparison to those using different sanding techniques to produce a worn, irregular scraped pattern on the wood floor.

Laminate hand scrapedArtificial looking hand-scraped laminate flooring made by machines

Some manufacturers, with an expert team of installers even scrape the whole surface layer of the wood floor for completely authentic hand scraped hardwood flooring, in order to meet the custom requirements of their clients. Popular wood species include hickory, maple, walnut, and Brazilian cherry – this process is typically not done on bamboo flooring.

Other manufacturers of scraped floors provide options for their clients on the type of scraping design they want done on their floors. Several options include soft, medium, and heavy wood scraping, and some very good companies can even provide an aged look on the floors by incorporating false wormholes and wood splits while they scrape the entire floor surfaces, which are typical of every old and authentic wood floor.

The price of a hand scraped wood floor depends on the type of wood used and the manner the scraping has been done. In the end, your budget will most likely be the primary factor in determining which particular scraping method you will want to incorporate.

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