Many people are looking to create a natural and traditional look in their home. Getting the right type of flooring for the living area is not hard any more, as many companies feature online catalogs and images of fitted wood floors on their website. You can also order Great Lakes wood floors online with free fitting service, so you can get your home looking stunning in just a few weeks’ time.

Homeowners are today returning to natural materials, and would like to recreate the outdoor feeling in their living room. There are several varieties of Great Lakes hardwood flooring you can choose from: unfinished, pre-finished, and different grades at different prices. Below you will find some useful information on how to choose the right variety, find an installing service, or get your flooring fitted and save yourself some money.

Grades of Great Lakes Wood Floors

Being a hardwood flooring, the grade of the wood and the finish is important. Having a rough finish is great for creating a rustic look. Glossy wood floors make the house look both sophisticated and natural. Hand scraped varieties are great for areas where there is a lot of wooden furniture in the space, and plenty of free floor area.

Hickory Natural

Asking the dealer about the grade is important, as any hardwood flooring below the required grade would soak up moisture from the air, expand in time. They are certainly not suitable to be installed in bathrooms or kitchens.

What do Great Lakes Wood Floor Reviews Say?

Before you would choose your flooring to update the look of your room, you should ask yourself: what do Great Lakes wood floor reviews say? If you have no experience in designing rooms or flooring, you can pick up information from other homeowners who have already transformed the look of their house, or traders who have worked with the different varieties of hardwood floors. The most commonly mentioned benefits of these types of floors by reviewers are elegant finish, durability, natural look, and the fact that the installed flooring is easy to clean. Many people also say that it is very easy to lay it. The variety of lengths create perfect joining ability, and there is no need to be a qualified trades person to create the perfect look with these hardwood flooring items. You should look for Menards’ Great Lakes wood floors installation instructions on the website.

Buying Great Lakes Flooring at Menards

High resolution images are available on the website of different Great Lakes wood floors varieties: Hickory Saddle is one of the most popular product of the company. Customers can review inventory, and use the online calculator to work out exactly how much they need to order. Customers can also look at some of the less traditional varieties: Oak Cocoa is one of the more elegant and darker types that is suitable for dining rooms and studies. Customers are also able to take advantage of the free shipment to store service: they can pick up their ordered flooring bundle from their nearest store, where they can also get advice on installation and handling the wood floor.

Great Lakes Wood Floor Installation Instructions

It is very simple to lay these floors, and there are installation guides widely available over the Internet. You have to remember not to glue down the panels: it is a bad idea. Professional nails are available for helping you get the wood in place, but this step should only be completed once the joints are completely matched together. When installing on concrete underlay or floor tiles, the floating method should be used. Engineered wood floors have a longer lifespan than laminate floors, but you have to possibly add a gloss finish to the floor after installation, If you are unsure of how much material you should be ordering, and you are buying Great Lakes flooring at Menards, you can use the simple Design-it Center.

Oak Cocoa FlooringVarieties: Oak Cocoa

You might want to make a bold statement with your floor. One of the most elegant varieties: Oak Cocoa saddle will add a perfect look to any room. It is suitable for kitchens and dining rooms, as it has a top quality high gloss Armstrong finish and comes with 50 year residential guarantee. Being one of the softer varieties: Oak Cocoa will warm up your room and comes with a low board to board color/shade variation.

Great Lakes Hickory SaddleVarieties: Hickory Saddle

If you would like to get a rustic look, you would need one of the hand sculpted varieties: Hickory Saddle. The floor can make any room look warmer, while it comes in a finished look, ans 50 years guarantee for your comfort. It is suitable for homes with a rustic style, plenty of natural materials, and sophisticated shades. One of the pre-finished varieties: Hickory saddle can be ordered with a strong, aluminum-oxide finish.

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