engineered flooringEngineered maple flooring is but one of the many hardwood flooring products on the modern market. Many of these products gain their appeal from the fact that they combine classic beauty with modern convenience. Installing maple wood flooring can be expensive and there is little room for error. Like all engineered hardwood flooring, engineered maple is very durable and can be installed directly on concrete. You’ll appreciate the fact that you’ll have to make fewer accommodations for shrinking and swelling due to moisture with engineered floors, as well.

How Engineered Maple Is Made

Engineered flooring is created by a process that you may recognize from how plywood is created. Regular maple wood flooring is simply made out of planks of maple. This means that it will shrink, expand and need to be protected as will any other natural hardwood flooring. The idea behind engineered flooring is that wood that is very durable, but not particularly expensive, forms the base of each plank. The maple is on the top so, from the perspective of you or anyone else standing on the floor, engineered maple flooring looks just like standard maple. Standard maple hardwood flooring, however, is not so easy to install.


From a price standpoint, the engineered option is less expensive than solid maple flooring and usually carries a solid warranty. This makes it more suitable for those who intend to install their floor on their own. If you happen to make a bad cut, you won’t be losing as much money as you would be with standard maple flooring. Engineered maple flooring also has the advantage of being able to hold up to a lot of abuse. The plies that make up each layer of each plank are laid with their grains crossing one another. This means that at the same thickness, they are far more stable than your everyday hard maple plank.

Engineered maple

Engineered hardwood is also made so that it’s easy to clean. Engineered maple can be cleaned with no more than a broom and a damp cloth. Unlike other flooring products, there’s no need to scrub it and there’s no need to use harsh chemicals to keep it looking its best. Engineered flooring will not require that you put down a subfloor before installation. You can buy it prefinished, and that means you won’t have to deal with sanding, staining and otherwise treating and modifying the wood floors to make them look right.

Convenience is a big selling point with any kind of engineered wood flooring, including other popular species such as red oak and hickory. Some people, however, may opt for natural maple flooring if they have a custom stain color that they need to match with existing flooring.

If you want the beauty of maple wood, don’t like the laminate flooring options available, and don’t have the money to buy solid planks, engineered maple might be the best option. The fact that it’s much easier to install than regular maple wood flooring means that you may well be able to handle the task yourself, saving yourself a lot of money in the process. Remember that hardwood flooring of any type can be damaged by hard shoes and, most especially, by high-heels and small legs on furniture. In addition, hardwood flooring is not appropriate for areas of the home where there is a lot of moisture, such as the bathroom.  Take a look at all of these factors and you should be able to decide if engineered maple flooring is right for you.

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