cherry floorsCherry hardwood floors are one of the most versatile flooring choices. Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring has excellent aesthetic characteristics, having a soft, reddish color with excellent grain. The wood is also exceptionally durable. Brazilian cherry floors are made out of a wood that is more than strong enough to be used in some of the more demanding roles in the home, including interior finish elements.

Why Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors Are a Good Choice

Compared to some species of hardwoods, Brazilian cherry floors generally have a low impact on the rainforest environment. The tree from which this wood is taken, Jatoba, is very common throughout the South American continent and the Caribbean. It has been used for generations for the production of furniture and, due to its beauty and hardness, in fine carpentry work. While it has all the appeal of exotic hardwood flooring, you don’t have to worry that your wood flooring exists at the expense of a fragile ecosystem when you use this wood. Compared to other wood floors, such as those made from oak, cherry hardwood more than hold their own.

Cherry hardwood floors are made from a wood that is exceptionally hard. This wood rates 2350 on the Janka scale of wood hardness. Compare this to one of the most famously hard woods, white oak, which only rates 1360 on the same scale. As you can see, the hardness of this wood means that the floors that are made from it are able to handle a lot of abuse and still stay beautiful. Like any hardwood floor, however, a Brazilian cherry floor does require some maintenance and care. This wood attains its characteristic reddish tone over time. When it is first harvested, it has a more pronounced brown shade than the wood used in most flooring.

Cherry hardwood floors

Armstrong solid cherry hardwood floors

The Natural Beauty of Cherry

Hardwood flooring will change color over time. In many cases, this brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Brazilian hardwood flooring also tends to have some variation between lightness and darkness from one board to the next. Purchasing the highest grade flooring can help to minimize this, though it can be quite beautiful if used in the right way. Installing Brazilian cherry, because of the hardness of this wood, takes a bit of skill. There are some things that you should expect when you start working with this wood.

First, you will likely have to pre-drill holes in Brazilian cherry flooring products before laying down the individual pieces. Cherry wood is hard enough — it’s actually near the top of the hardness scale — that it can be difficult to tack down a plank the way you would softer woods. The hardness and thickness can also make cutting a bit more challenging than average. Anyone with a good grasp of woodworking, however, will probably appreciate the opportunity to work with this beautiful, exotic hardwood flooring. This hardness means that dents and depressions are far rarer occurrences with cherry hardwood than they are with most of the woods used in flooring.

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