br111 floors BR111 hardwood floors include a host of different options that can provide excellent flooring choices for any home. The company’s offerings include traditional wood floors, which appeal to those who love the look of natural hardwood floors. BR111 also provides engineered hardwood flooring, which is generally a bit easier to deal with where installation and maintenance are concerned. The company’s products include some of the most desirable woods available, including Brazilian cherry, Santos Mahogany, Amendoim, and several other species, which are among the most durable and beautiful coverage options for floors.

The Most Popular BR111 Hardwood Floors

If you’re interested in the look of natural hardwood floors, Brazilian cherry from the BR111 hardwood flooring line is something you’ll want to consider. This is currently the most popular flooring wood sent to the United States. It has a Janka scale hardness of 2820, almost twice as hard as red oak. The wood has a natural brownish red color, which makes it very popular for those who prefer a floor that has the look of antiquity to it. Like solid wood options from BR111 hardwood floors, it can a bit complex to install and requires that you prepare the subfloor properly before you’re ready to install the planks for your new floor.

The complexities of installing hardwood floors are among the reasons that some individuals choose one of the engineered hardwood flooring options from BR111 flooring. Engineered flooring is much easier to install. The design of an engineered hardwood floor makes it very durable. It’s composed of compressed layers of wood that are laid over plywood, with everything being laid cross grain, which creates a very durable surface. BR111 engineered flooring, as opposed to some other BR111 floors, can sometimes be laid directly on the concrete slab, and sometimes has value where keeping your house better insulated is concerned. Another convenient option from this line is bamboo flooring.

BR111 Hardwood Floor Armagnac Angelim

When shopping for BR111 or any other brand, consider that most wood flooring on the market requires some maintenance. Unlike tigerwood, Brazilian walnut or some of their other very popular options, bamboo flooring is very easy to deal with. It requires no abrasives for maintenance and can generally be cleaned off with a damp cloth. The one drawback to this particular flooring compared with other hardwood floors is the fact that it tends to be softer. This means that it’s susceptible to being dented by people who are wearing shoes with hard soles and by furniture that is situated directly on the floor. Compared to many other options, however, bamboo is very attractive due to its ease of maintenance.

The Options Available

BR111 flooring offers quite a few options to choose from. You can look at their product lines and determine which ones are best for you by considering the price, plank coverage, warranty, look of the wood, as well as the difficulty of installation. Some floors can be installed in a floating fashion, which means that they simply click together and require no glue or other fasteners. Other BR111 floors, such as the traditional solid hardwood types, require a bit of skill to install correctly and significant preparation of the coverage area.

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