black laminate flooringMany people are opting for a solid color when installing laminate flooring today, and black laminate flooring is but one of the many popular color options available.  White laminate flooring is also growing in popularity. You’ll need to be careful what you buy, however, especially if you’re ordering online. Several different types of wood are described as “black”, though they’re not actually fully black. Those types of laminate flooring have the appearance of a very dark stained oak, black walnut, or cherry, but not a true black. What you’ll want to find, if you’re looking for a midnight black color, is slate laminate flooring, which is not made to imitate the grain of wood but has, instead, a stone-like appearance. DuPont and Witex make black laminate floors that emulate stone and other materials.

A black floor is an excellent choice for a modern look. While most black floors would be a nightmare to clean, a laminate flooring product is very easy to clean with only a damp cloth and a broom. This allows you to have the sleek look of polished stone without worrying about a very expensive surface being damaged through every day events. Black laminate also has this quality and, if this proves to be more to your liking, you’ll find the installation process almost identical.

Advantages of Black Laminate Flooring

Witex color + black laminate

Witex color + black laminate

One of the advantages of laminate flooring is that it is very easy to install.  To install laminate flooring, you’ll only need a few tools. You will also need an underlayment. For areas where you want to dampen sound, there are foam underlays that can lessen the noise of footsteps on upper floors. The underlay also serves the purpose of protecting the laminate from moisture. Some black laminate flooring comes with underlay attached. This allows you to skip the step of laying down the material before you start installing the floor. You have to make sure that your floor is flat enough to accommodate this type of flooring, however.

Black laminate is made with tongues and grooves that are attached together to create the surface. Each plank is typically 7mm or 8mm in thickness. There is no need to nail this flooring down and it is described as a “floating floor”. Part of the purpose of the underlay is to give it stability. The underlay, however, cannot make up for a very crooked or uneven subfloor. This is a problem for any wide plank laminate flooring, as the planks need to lay as flat as possible on the surface. You can install this flooring over other types of flooring, however, and this is sometimes the most convenient way to go about it.


Black laminate floors come in at a price that is far more affordable than actual slate floor products. Any dark laminate flooring, in fact, will be much less expensive than the original tile material it imitates, and usually carries a long warranty. Laminate floor is available in designs that look like very light-colored woods and in the slate laminate flooring styles, as well. With black laminate flooring, you can create almost any environment you want in your home without spending the large amounts of money required for tile or stone floors, and with a great deal of durability.

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